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Maths Interview Assembly DAN v9 H264

Some degree courses at Oxford University have specific subject requirements (subjects you must have studied to A Level or equivalent). This handy table is organised...


Ever wondered what Oxford’s selection criteria are? It’s no secret! On this page you can see a subject-by-subject account of what tutors are looking for in potential students...


An inimitable resource on English-language poetry. A particular treasure is its recordings of poets reading their work - some of which go back to the nineteenth century.

Taylor Institution Library blog Oxford University Languages

The Blog from the University of Oxford's Languages Library.


Written by the winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, Amartya Sen, this book provides an incredibly detailed account of the importance of economics in our world for...


Filled with accessible and down-to-earth (sorry) chapters, explanations and diagrams, this book clearly outlines the basic contents of a Earth Sciences degree.